Muse Algorithm - Music Video - UI Graphics, Animation, and Comp

Freelance work I did for a studio called "Frame 48" on a music video for the rock bank "Muse". I was tasked to design and create retro but futursitic screen UI graphics based on style sheets for 14 differesnt shots.

I was to then animate and composite those UI graphics on to live action footage of monitors and visors.

The 3D model of the alien and the human body were provided. I used wireframe renders from Maya and Houdini to get a 3D base and used various effects and techniques in After Effects to give them a hologramy look.    

The timeline for all the work assigned to me was 9 days for 14 2K shots. Making this project one of the most challenging and sleepless project I have succefully accomplished.

  • Softwares: Houdini, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop
  • Renderer: Scanline and Flipbooks


  • All
  • FX
  • 3D
  • Motion Graphics