A project I did to learn the terrain tools in Houdini. I wanted to learn how to make big worlds in 3D and knowing Houdini definitely made that process easier.   

For the mountain - I made the terrain using heighfield nodes in Houdini. For the texturing I brought my high-poly and low-poly version of the mountain into Maya. I textured by blening using multiple textures or rock, sediement, and sand using Arnold shaders.   

For the trees - I made a simple tree in SpeedTree and exported it as an fbx into Maya. I used instancing and Maya's native motion graphics tool called MASH to spread hundreds od trees onto the low-poly version of my mountain. I then shaded the tree, did the lighting, and found an aestheically pleasing angle to showcase the environment.

For the compositing - I used Nuke. I rendered out multiple AOVs to help me have more control over the final image in Nuke. And also because I wanted to get better at multi-pass compositing in Nuke.

  • Softwares: Houdini, Maya, Nuke
  • Renderer: Arnold


  • All
  • FX
  • 3D
  • Motion Graphics